Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cow Slaughtering

Cow Slaughtering

Dark Chapter of Cow Slaughter

  • 1760 : Robert Clive established in Calcutta the first abattoir of the country.
  • 1861 : Queen Victoria wrote to Viceroy of India prompting to hurt the Indian sentiments towards cows.
  • 1947 : At the time of independence, India had a little more than 300 abattoirs. Today there are more than 35,000 approved ones. There are thousands of unapproved slaughter houses.
  • The cow-breeds have fallen from 70 to 33. Even among the remaining breeds, some are at the verge of extinction.
  • Cow population has reduced by 80% after independence.
  • 1993-94 : India exported 1,01,668 ton beef, with a target of 2,00,000 tons for 1994-95.
  • We slaughter cow for its hide to make vanity bags and belts, bone-meal for tooth paste, blood for vitamin tablets and intestines (especially of calves) for making gold and silver wafers to stick on sweets.
  • It is believed that series of earthquakes like the ones at Lathur in 1993 and in Bihar in 1994 are caused because of cow-slaughter.
    Human-Cattle Population Ratio

    Human-Cattle Population Ratio

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