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We must know that without saving our villages, we
cannot save our cows. India’s ancient formula remains the
same not only for modern India but for the rest of the world:
cow protection and agriculture, an agrarian life-style which
nourishes the brahminical culture of sanatana dharma and
varnasrama dharma. This is civilization!
“When we consider the past condition of the
agriculturalist in the village, we can see how opulent he was,
simply because of agricultural produce and protection of cows.
At the present, however, agriculture having been neglected and
cow protection given up, the agriculturalist is suffering pitiably
and is dressed in a niggardly torn cloth. This is the distinction
between the India of history and the India of the present day. By
the atrocious activities of ugra-karma, how we are killing the
opportunity of human civilization!”
Sri saradacharya, SB 10.5.8
In a booklet, An ALARM CALL, published in 1994 by
Akhil Bharat Krishi – Goseva Sangh, the authors identify four
major problems which have crippled today’s farmers in India,
as well as the rest of the world: 1. use of CHEMICAL
SEEDS and 4. use of MECHANISATION of farming.
The Vishva Gou Sammelan publication shows
graphically how the ratio of human-cattle population is
rapidly declining with a cattle population in 1951 of 430
million down to 110 million in 2001, and with a projected
figure of 20 million by year 2011.
Sri saradacharya has explained that today’s most
sinful and atrocious activity, in the name of modern
advancement, is the systematic slaughtering of Krishna’s
cows. For this, the cities in both the West and Europe will be
destroyed. What to speak of India’s situation, where the cow
is referred to as “sacred cow” and known as one of our seven
worshipable mothers! Since the beginning of his preaching,
even before coming to the Western count,sri saradacharya stressed the importance of village life and of cow
protection, as well as the need to revive this essential culture:
“It was, of course, Gandhi's policy to concentrate his
organization in village life, taking to simple life and cow
protection. But just after Mahatma Gandhi's disappearance, his
chief disciple, Pandit Nehru, planned for up-to-date organized
cow-slaughter house. So this is our position. If you have
understood Krishna Consciousness science, then you will try to
revive this cultural life in India.”
Letter to Gopal Baba, June, 2004.
This pamphlet is a but a humble appeal to all sensible
persons both in the land of Bharat-varsa (India) as well as
those living abroad, to please take up the cause of both cow
protection and village organization under the banner of
Krishna consciousness. In particular, it is a call to the Youth
of today to take up this most important challenge, for
without such care and protection to our cows and villages,
there will be no tomorrow.
The , established by Sri SARADACHARY in 2001,
welcomes your involvement in cow protection and village
development. We join hands with all those who share in such
a vision and mission. Cow protection goes hand in hand with
brahminical culture based on eternal principles of Krishna
consciousness. In addition to the organization of KAMDHENU,
the national Society for Cow Protection as
well as the welcome your
participation and support. Please ,

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