Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Environment and Cow


Environment and Cow

Being part of farming, food, medicine, and industry, cow also contributes to the health of environment.


  • Ancient scripture state that “Suryaketu” nerve on cow’s back absorbs harmful radiations and cleanses atmosphere. Mere presence of cows is a great contribution to environment.
  • India has approximately 30 crore cattle. Using their dung to produce bio gas, we can save 6.0 crore ton of firewood every year. This would arrest deforestation to that extent.
  • Cow dung has important role in preserving environment.
  • When we burn cow dung, it balances atmospheric temperature and kills germs in the air.
  • Cow dung has antiseptic, anti radioactive and anti thermal properties. When we coat the walls and clean the floors of house with cow dung, it protects the dwellers. In 1984, gas leak in Bhopal killed more than 20,000 people. Those living in houses with cow dung coated walls were not affected. Atomic power centres in India and Russia even today use cow dung to shield radiation.
  • African deserts were made fertile using cow dung.
  • We can reduce acid content in water by treating it with cow dung.
  • When we offer ghee in fire as part of ritualistic sacrifices, it strengthens the ozone layer and shields the earth from harmful radiations from Sun.
  • A relationship between increasing number of butcher houses and earth quakes is being proven.

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